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Adventures of a Night Troll
Used to be multifandom, I swear.
Now it's mostly Panic! At The Disco.
And bandom. Sorry, not sorry.
The Jared and Jensen to my Misha

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Acoustic version of “That Green Gentleman”

just wait until you hear Brendon say it okay. 

You’ll know when you hear it.

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imagine your icon pulling up their blanket and accidentally punching themself in the face

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i still cant believe the easter bunny died for our sins


can we talk about this


can we talk about this

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ryan ross + guitars (2007)
hagstrom swede (gold) // hagstrom hj-500 // gibson les paul junior // gibson les paul junior doublecut // epiphone acoustic // taylor acoustic

part 1 // part 2 // part 3 // part 4
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3-4 / 50 pictures of Spencer Smith.

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brendon is like a 13 year old that smokes weed and has to tell everyone about it theres no doubt in my mind hes been making 420 jokes all day

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hmm i wonder what brendon is doing on this beautiful easter day maybe eating a nice meal with his mormon family maybe playing with his dogs maybe praying maybe smoking a fuck ton of weed who knows

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  #brendon urie    #this is very pretty    #pretty odd    #pahaha that sounds like i was trying to lead into a joke but honestly i swear i wasn't    #although ive been prone to doing that lately...like i made my parents watch frozen with me last night    #and the dvd stopped it just skipped and crap and once when it stopped i was like DANG IT THE DVD IS FROZEN and my dad lost it    #and then it skipped to anna and hans talking and i said OH YOU DIDN'T MISS MUCH NOW THEY'RE JUST chillin AND MY MOM LOST IT AND WAS LIKE I G    #and i was like no mom im serious im trying to explain the plot here but no they think im some comedic genius    #which i am but usually im trying to be funny and sometimes people laugh at what i say    #and im like no bros im not trying to be funny    #wow this post was about bden wasn;t it    #ooops    #team tagging too much  
  #spencer smith  
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